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Mastering the art of “how to chop an onion” is a basic kitchen skill. From adding flavor to dishes to using them as a base for various recipes, onions play an important role in the kitchen. This short guide will walk you through the process of efficiently chopping onions, streamlining the process, and providing tips for getting consistently sized onions.

Elevate your culinary repertoire by adding chopped onions to your stock of perfect and satisfying dishes. This guide will provide you with step-by-step tips on “how to chop an onion,” covering essential techniques and ensuring desired results in your cooking endeavors.


  • Onion
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife

How to peel onions

Peeling an onion seems so easy, right? Just…remove the shell. But what exactly is a shell? Here’s how to peel an onion if it’s too tough to grip, and how much you should peel and throw away.

Step 1: Cut the onion in half

If the base of the onion is dirty, cut it just enough to remove the dirt and use a knife to clean it. Cut the pointy end of the onion (opposite the base), discard the tip, and place the onion cut side down. Cut the onion in half lengthwise down to the root.

Step 2: peel the onions

Even if you only use halves, peeling both halves of the onion will make it easier to cut later. To peel an onion, grab the corner of the outer layer of paper near the flat tip of the onion. Pull firmly to remove. If you’re having trouble grabbing it, try sliding a paring knife underneath. To open it. Do not remove the large layer of onion under the paper. If there is any paper left near the tip, cut that part off.

How to cut onions

This type of cut onion looks like a flat, round onion slice or half-moon. Use onion slices as an ingredient in dressings and salads, sauté them to make caramelized onions, or add them to stir-fries. Use the onion slices as a topping for your burgers. Before getting into these steps, be sure to cut the onions in half and peel them as per the steps above.

Step 1: Lay the onion face down on a flat surface

Place the onion flat side down to prevent it from slipping.

Step 2: Cut into Straight Slices

To cut the onion evenly, make a claw with your non-dominant hand and place your fingertips on the edge of the onion. Place the knife against the flat of your knuckles and, moving your fingers back, slice through half the onion to create a half-moon. The more you move between the slices, the thicker the onion slices will become.

How to cut onions into cubes

Chopped onions look like small onion cubes of the same size. Use chopped onions in pasta sauces, dips, home fries, and soups. Before getting into these steps, be sure to cut the onions in half and peel them as per the steps above.

Step 1: Lay the onion face down on a flat surface

Place the onion flat side down to prevent it from slipping.

Step 2: Make some horizontal cuts.

Place your palm on the round side of the onion halves. Working carefully, keeping the knife blade parallel to the cutting board, make several horizontal cuts parallel to the sides of the onion, stopping just before the base. Ideally, these cuts should be 1/4 inch apart.

Step 3: Cut the onion lengthwise

Cut the onion evenly and parallel to each other lengthwise. Do not cut the roots. This will help hold the onions together when you cut them. Ideally, these slices necessity to be 1/4 inch apart.

​ Step 4: Create a vertical crosscut

Rotate the onion 90 degrees and slice it lengthwise and diagonally. Try to make uniformly sized cuts so that all the chopped onions are the same size. After cutting, discard the root part.

How to slice onions

Chopping onions basically means chopping them as finely as possible. Chopped onions can add flavor to burgers, meatloaf, and salad dressings and sauces. Washing chopped onions in cold water will reduce their effectiveness. Before continuing with these steps, be sure to cut the onions in half and peel them according to the steps above.

Step 1: Start with chopped onions

Continue with steps 1-4 above.

Step 2: Finely chop the chopped onions.

Place one hand on the tip of the knife and move it while chopping. Continue until the onions are finely cut into equal-sized pieces.

How to store chopped onions

Cut onions can be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or transferred to an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Click here for more information on how to store onions (including uncut onions)

How to mince onions

Step 1: Prepare the onion:

Peel the onion and cut both ends.

Cut the onion in half vertically, following its natural lines.

Step 2: Remove the skin:

Remove the thin layers of the skin, leaving the onion splits clean.

Step 3: Make horizontal cuts:

Place one-half onion on a cutting board and make horizontal cuts toward the root, being careful not to cut all the way through.

Step 4: Make vertical cuts

Turn half of the onion over and make vertical cuts downwards. The size of these cuts will determine the thinness of the mince

Step 5: Finishing with diagonal cuts:

Finally, make cross-cuts to complete the grinding process. The closer the cuts, the finer the minced meat will be.

Step 6: Repeat with the other half:

Reiteration of the procedure with the new half of the onion.

How to sauté onions

Step 1: Peel and finely chop or chop the onion.

Step 2: Heat a frying pan over medium heat and add the oil (olive or butter will work).

Step 3: Add onions, Add chopped or chopped onions to the pan.

Step 4: Sauté: Stir frequently and cook onions until translucent and lightly browned.

Uses: Sauteed onions add flavor to a variety of dishes, such as stir-fries, and pasta, or as a topping for hamburgers and sandwiches.

All about onion:

1. How to pick a good onion

Choose firm onions, without soft spots, and with dry, papery skin. Look for onions that show no signs of sprouting, mold, or strong odors. Also, choose onions that appear heavy for their size, which indicates freshness and moisture.

2. Types of onion

Yellow onion:

Multipurpose and versatile with a strong and spicy taste.

It is usually used in a variety of savory dishes.

Red onion:

The flavor is mild to sweet with a bright violet-red color.

Ideal to use raw in salads, sandwiches or garnishes.

White onion:

Hot and spicy taste with a slightly milder taste than yellow onions.

Often used in Mexican cuisine and raw food dishes.

Sweet onion:

Mild and sweet taste with low sulfur content. It’s great to eat raw.

Green onion :

Mild flavor with a touch of onion and vegetables.

It is used as a garnish for salads, soups, and Asian dishes.

Cipollini onions:

Small, flat, and disc-shaped with a sweet taste.

It is used in roasts, and stews, and caramelized as a side dish.

3. Different between minced, diced, and chopped onion


Finely chop into very small, uniform pieces.

It is often used for ingredients that should almost dissolve in the dish, providing flavor without distinct chunks.


Cut into small, uniform cubes.

It is used when you want an ingredient to retain its shape while remaining relatively small. Common cube sizes include small, medium, and large.


Cut into larger, uneven pieces.

Used for a rough texture. The pieces are larger than diced or chopped, but still smaller than a rough or thick chop.

Fun fact

The world’s largest onion ever recorded weighed more than 18 pounds (8.16 kg) and was grown by Tony and Faith Glover in the United Kingdom in 2014. This huge onion exceeded the previous record by almost 2 pounds.


In conclusion, the proficiency of mastering “how to chop an onion” is nothing short of a culinary revelation. Beyond the basics, it’s a transformative skill that injects precision into your culinary endeavors. With each confident slice, you’re not just chopping an onion; you’re enhancing the essence of your dishes. This fundamental technique empowers your kitchen adventures, ensuring every meal is a testament to your culinary finesse. Embrace the artistry of “how to chop an onion,” savor the aromatic results, and let the mastery of this skill become the cornerstone of your cooking journey. Elevate your culinary experience—one perfectly chopped onion at a time. Happy chopping!

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Q1: How to chop an onion perfectly?

A: To perfectly chop an onion, start by cutting off the ends, peeling it, and halving it. Make vertical and horizontal cuts and chop finely. Accuracy improves with practice and proper technique

Q2: What happens when you chop onions?

A: an onion is shared or cubed, the onion cells discharge these combinations into the air. When this occurs, the “enzyme” acts to alter the amino acids and convert them into tear-forming compounds. This form of sulfuric acid irritates the nerves around the eyes and causes them to water.

Q3: How do you slice an onion hack?

A: To cut the onion easily, make longitudinal cuts but leave the root intact. Then, slice them perpendicularly to create uniform, effortless onion slices

Q4: Why do onions burn my eyes and make me cry?

A: Onions release sulfur compounds when cut that react with moisture in the eyes to form mild sulfuric acid, irritating the eyes and causing tears.

Q5: What are the key steps to master how to chop an onion?

A: Commence by trimming the ends, peeling off layers, executing horizontal and vertical cuts, and concluding with a precise chopping motion for consistently diced onions.

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