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What Is Eggy Bread?

If you’re looking for a breakfast dish that is filling, tasty, and versatile, then you should give eggy bread a try! Known by many names such as eggy toast, French toast, gypsy toast, or Spanish toast, eggy bread is an easy and delicious breakfast dish.

Eggy bread is very similar to French toast: it’s made by dipping a slice of bread in an egg-milk mixture and then frying it in butter. The result is a golden piece of toast with a custardy middle.

It can be served with sweet or savory toppings – endless possibilities! From bacon and maple syrup to grilled tomatoes and cheese – there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Popular Eggy Bread Recipes:

You’re in luck if you want to satisfy your eggy bread cravings in London. Plenty of places around the city serve up delicious eggy bread recipes for breakfast.

Here are some of the most popular sites to get eggy bread for breakfast in London:

  • Ducksoup: Ducksoup in Soho is a great place to get a classic Eggy Bread, made with thick-cut sourdough and topped with butter and herbs.
  • Ozone Coffee Roasters: Ozone Coffee Roasters serves up their signature “Eggy-Cakes” — fluffy pancakes made with free-range eggs, served with bacon or smoked salmon.
  • Flat Iron Square: At Flat Iron Square, you can find a great version of Eggy Bread made with French toast and topped with fresh berries and creme fraiche.
  • The Ivy Chelsea Garden: The Ivy Chelsea Garden serves up a delicious Eggy Bread dish on weekends, served with bacon, tomato relish, and poached eggs.

Best Eggy Bread Cafes in London

If you’re in London, you’re in luck—there are some fantastic cafes where you can get your eggy bread fix. Here are the best for grabbing a delicious, golden-brown slice.

Brixton Village:

The ‘Village’ in Brixton is a great spot for brunch, and it’s primarily known for its eggy bread. Greeting’s Cafe is well-known amongst locals as having the best eggy bread in the area, with generous portions of perfectly cooked eggy bread served with melted butter.

Notting Hill:

In Notting Hill, The Electric Diner is a popular spot for breakfast and brunch. They serve an incredible eggy bread made with Challah French Toast batter and topped with strawberries, honeycomb, and toasted almonds — it’s divine!


For those who prefer eggy bread with a side of hipster vibes, head to Egg Break in Shoreditch. Their signature dish is ‘Eggy In The Hole,’ an extra thick slice of homemade focaccia filled with smashed avocado, poached eggs, and crumbled feta — pure deliciousness!

Home Delivery Services for Eggy Bread in London

When looking for a breakfast option that sticks to your ribs, look no further than London’s home delivery services! If you must venture out to get eggy bread, several great places can bring it to your front door.

Delivery Apps:

With the rise of delivery apps like Uber Eats, your breakfast cravings can come straight to you! Search “eggy bread,” and some restaurants near you will pop up. You won’t have to put on pants to get your eggy bread delivered.


If delivery apps differ from what you are looking for, you can shop locally and find some great places offering home delivery. Many grocery stores carry eggy bread, so check with those near you and inquire if they provide delivery services.

Catering Companies:

Some catering companies also offer eggy bread dishes for home deliveries or events. Do some research and see if there’s a catering company nearby that offers Eggy Bread.

Eggy Bread is a delicious treat best enjoyed with friends; if gathering a crowd isn’t possible (or safe!), take advantage of London’s convenient delivery services and enjoy a cozy breakfast in the comfort of your own home!

Traditional Toppings for Eggy Bread

Eggy bread is a traditional breakfast in London, and there are so many delicious, conventional toppings that you can use. From sweet jams to salty cured meats,

Here are some of the most popular toppings for your eggy breakfast:

  • Jam: Sweet and simple, a spoonful of your favorite spot is a great way to kick off the morning. Strawberry, raspberry, or even marmalade – the choice is yours!
  • Cheese: Throw some cheese on top for a savory breakfast. Cheddar works well for an eggy sandwich, or add brie for something extra special.
  • Bacon: The classic choice when it comes to bacon and eggs. Crispy bacon adds some crunch and flavor to your eggy breakfast!
  • Salami: Salami is another excellent topping for eggy bread. The saltiness pairs perfectly with the soft eggs and sweet jam!
  • Avocado: Add some mashed avocado to your eggy sandwich for those looking for something healthier. It’s creamy, flavorful, and sure to satisfy any early-morning craving!

Whatever topping you choose, you’ll surely enjoy a delicious eggy bread breakfast in London!

Tips for Making the Best Eggy Bread at Home

Making eggy bread at home might seem daunting, but it’s easy and fun. Here are some tips you should keep in mind for an eggy bread that’s second to none:


Eggy bread is a lot like making pancakes—the most important thing when making eggy bread is to get the proportions right. The amount of egg you use should be roughly double the amount of milk you use.

This is a primary ratio you can adjust it depending on how much eggy bread you’re making and how runny or thick you want your batter.


Once your ingredients are mixed, turn on the stove and heat a skillet or pan. Make sure your pan is hot but not so hot that the eggy bread burns quickly—you want it to have time to cook through properly.


It would be best to always grease your pan with butter or oil before adding your batter, no matter what dish you’re cooking. This helps ensure that your eggy bread doesn’t stick and won’t end up stuck in the pan when it’s time to flip over.

Once everything is ready, pour your batter onto the greased pan and cook until golden brown on each side. Serve warm with butter or preserves for the best results!

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