iPhone Features You Did Not Know About

There are many iPhone users, but they need to know the actual value of it. There are so many features that you need to learn about it. Undoubtedly, the iPhone is one of the most excellent mobile with many advantages, but the main benefit is its privacy. Many people love their appearance, which means their style is emphasized to people who purchase it. 

The iPhone is a famous and user-friendly mobile that Apple created. This mobile is known for its high-quality camera, superb designs, and good performance. The iPhone camera comes in various models and sizes; you can easily purchase it according to your needs. So, read this blog from top to bottom to learn about iPhone features you learned about. 

10 iPhone features you did not know about:

2024 is coming soon; you must update yourself time by time. You should know about new technologies that are essential for you. You are using an iPhone but need to remember its hidden feature, which is very important to know, making your 2024 more enjoyable with this phone. Here are some iPhone Features You Did Not Know About:

  • Live photos magic
  • Hidden Photo Album
  • Dual SIM Support
  • Emergency SOS
  • Custom Vibrations
  • Hide Alerts for Messages
  • Quick Settings Customization
  • Bedtime Alarm
  • Markup in Photos
  • Offline Maps

1. Live Photos Magic:

The best feature is live photo magic, which everyone wants on their phone. But if you have an iPhone, you are lucky because this hidden feature is best for you. You can very easily capture the beautiful moments with live photos by holding down the shitter button. So, these photos come to life with a touch for adding beauty to your memories. 

2. Hidden Photo Album:

The most favorable feature for those who want to save their pictures in private. So, keep your photos in the hidden album feature. You will select the images and add them to this album for using this album. After moving, the chosen picture will not show in your main photos gallery. You don’t need to worry about your private photos because you are an iPhone user. Knows their excellent feature and use it. 

3. Dual SIM Support:

Many people think the iPhone does not support dual sim. But for your kind information, many iPhones have these excellent features. You can easily purchase a mobile that supports dual sim. So, take these advantages for better call and data management. And use according to your preference. 

4. Emergency SOS:

It is also the best feature for iPhone users. If you don’t know about it, we will tell you. You will push the side button five times to call emergency services, and you can also share your location with chosen people. Now, you don’t need to worry about emergencies and familiarize yourself with the emergency SOS feature. 

5. Custom Vibrations:

It is an excellent feature for those who want to know who is calling or messaging without looking at your phone. You can easily assign custom vibrations to specific contacts according to your preference. If you need to learn how to apply it, this excellent function will be in your contact Apps. 

6. Hide Alerts for Messages:

For iPhone users, this is a fantastic feature. There is no doubt that everyone wants to keep their chats private. Android users download the app, and then they can hide it. But the iPhone users have a good opportunity. They can easily keep the conversation safe or quiet by using the” Hide alerts” options for just some messages according to your liking. After applying this, you still get messages from that person, but your mobile will not show notifications or make any type of noise. 

7. Quick Settings Customization:

Android users always worry because their mobile takes a lot of time to set up. IPhone users have another excellent opportunity to save time. They can easily personalize their control center by removing, rearranging, and adding shortcuts. Their fast service will easily hold your precious time and do everything when you allow. Access the most crucial features, such as screen recording, flashlight, camera, calculator, and WIFI, with just a swipe.

8. Bedtime Alarm:

It is an excellent feature for those who always worry about their bedtime alarm. You have an iPhone; you don’t need to worry about it. The clock app’s bedtime feature lets you quickly improve your sleep routine. Set your sleep timing according to your preference and get a gentle reminder with the exact time that you have selected. Now, make your schedule and complete all your work on time with the help of this fantastic feature. 

9. Markup in Photos:

Many people want to edit their pictures in the gallery quickly. You can directly add drawings, annotations, and text to your photos in the Photos App. If you don’t know how to use it, don’t worry, we will tell you. Tap “edit” after taping it, click on three dots, and then select a “markup” for creative customizations. 

10. Offline Maps:

Android users worry because they often use maps, but they cannot use offline maps when their internet services are low. It’s the most significant feature for iPhone users; they can easily use maps even offline. You can use it by downloading specific maps for regions you visit. If you don’t know about this feature now, you can use it without an internet connection everywhere. Additionally, it’s beneficial for office workers because they need to use maps a lot. 

Which types of privacy do iPhones offer?

Suppose you are a new iPhone user and must learn about their privacy. Here, we will discuss some critical privacy that can easily save your private materials. 

1. Private calls and chats:

It is an excellent privacy for iPhone users. There is no doubt that messages and calls are like secrets for everyone. They do not want to show it to someone else. So, only you and your friends, like chat buddies, can understand. Now, say thanks to a particular kind of coding. 

2. Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to Apps:

When you use your iPhone, apps ask you to peel at your microphone, photos, or friends list so your mobile plays bouncer checks with you before letting them in. That means no one can quickly check your friends list until your mobile does not want as you set. 

3. Find Your iPhone, Not You:

Many people do not know about this privacy when they lose their phone. If you lose your iPhone, it will help you to find it easily without telling someone where you are to keep your location safe. So, you can easily find your mobile. 

4. Private Browsing:

The most crucial privacy that everyone wants is in their phone. But this privacy is only for iPhone users. The iPhone’s web browser offers an excellent private browsing mode that cannot store your search history. The main advantage is it also cannot share your information with websites. Now, keep your search history safe and secure. 

5. Privacy Labels:

Many people do not want anyone to see their private Apps. IPhone users can easily hide their Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook without downloading any app. Now, you can easily decide which apps you want to hide on your display and can only see them. 

Ending Thoughts:

Now, you know the iPhone Features You Did Not Know About. It has many advantages, but the main benefit is their privacy. There are a lot of people who choose this mobile only for their privacy. The iPhone is famous for many reasons, such as its classic appearance, privacy, performance, and durability. 

There are many iPhone Features You Did Not Know About, such as Live photos magic, Hidden Photo Album, Dual SIM Support, Emergency SOS, Custom Vibrations, Hide Alerts for Messages, Quick Settings Customization, Bedtime Alarm, Markup in Photos, and Offline Maps. So, why are you still waiting? Unlock their features to make your coming 2024 more memorable and enjoyable.

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FAQS related to iPhone features you did not know about:

Q1: Tell the two most unique features of the iPhone.

A: The most important unique feature of the iPhone is hidden Alerts for Messages and Quick Settings Customization. 

Q2: Is the iPhone better than the Android?

A: Yes, the iPhone is much better than the Android because it has a lot of privacy that safeguards your personal information without downloading any app. 

Q3: How can I find my iPhone if I lose it?

A: You can find it using the “Find My” app on another Apple mobile to locate your lost phone. 

Q4: What is the lowest price of an iPhone?

A: The lowest price for an iPhone in the UK is around £399. 

Q5: When was the iPhone launched in the UK?

A: The iPhone was launched in the UK on 9th November 2007.

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