how to motivate sales team

Everyone goes through a period of sadness at work. Someone might be feeling demotivated about going through problems in their personal life that can happen in everyday work life. As a team manager, how to motivate sales team.

If you’re looking for ways to supercharge to motivate sales teams and performance, you are not alone. At some point, every manager needs to motivate sales team.

In this blog, we will discuss what motivates the sales team and the strategies to motivate sales team.

how to motivate your sales team

How to motivate sales team? 

People are unique, as are what is important to them and what motivates them. However, it’s fair to say that when it comes to their work, because people want to be recognized for their efforts and a little extra money never hurts. 

Here are four key motivators that motivate your sales team:


Many professionals get into sales because they want to control their income. But in a commission-based position, there is usually no limit to how much you can earn because sales attract people who are motivated by money because of their high earning potential.

Career mobility

Successful sales professionals are recognized and promoted based on their efforts. Up-and-comers can quickly stand out from the crowd through outstanding performance or innovative approaches.


So it’s inspiring to see your name at the top of the leaderboard. On the sales side, things are even better, but since every win comes with a cash prize. because top salespeople are often motivated by a desire for recognition and a desire to excel. 


Sales aren’t always about money. Even though sales skills are often transferable across industries, because most salespeople can’t get excited about selling a product because they don’t believe in it. But if your sales team believes and feels connected to your company’s mission, and they will share that enthusiasm with other customers.

Why it’s important to motivate a sales team

Motivation is directly related to performance. When sales team are motivated, they are more likely to go further, put in extra effort, and strive to achieve their goals.

That’s why motivated sales teams consistently perform at a higher level, resulting in greater revenue and general success for the organization.

Determining how to help your team stay motivated is critical to sales because it motivates vendors to take action, stay positive, and persevere through challenges.

What motivates a sales team?

Sales team motivation refers to the strategies, methods, and practices that leaders can use to motivate and motivate sales team members to perform at their best and achieve goals, thereby kicking in to the overall success of the sales organization.

Effectively motivating your sales team includes setting clear goals, providing incentives, recognition, training, and creating a positive work culture that encourages collaboration and personal growth.

How to motivate sales team use these strategies

For sales managers, motivating the sales team can be a big challenge. As a leader, you want your business ideas to be implemented perfectly. But if your sales team is lazy and lacks confidence, your best business plan will lack direction. To avoid such inconveniences, but be sure to use these strategies to motivate your sales team.

1. Understand your sales team and Build trust 

Building trust is one of the most important ways to motivate your sales team.So if you can do this correctly, it will provide a strong foundation for all the other ways you motivate your team.

We all know that when we have an inspiring leader we trust and we are more likely to be engaged in our work. Because this is why building trust can have such a positive impact on sales team motivation. 

Here are some ways to start building more trust with your sales team so you can motivate them more effectively:

Have integrity

Do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it. 

Spend time with your team

Not just the occasional sales meetings, learn more about your team members and what’s important to them.

Be positive 

Don’t become negative or passive-aggressive, keep your language and your mindset positive.

Be open a receiving feedback 

Allow your employees to tell you how to do better and then act constructive criticism when you need to. 

Listen and collaborate 

Don’t create your own sales strategy but ask your employees for their input and implement their best ideas into the plan.

Take action

When your employees need something, do everything you can to make it happen, and don’t just make false promises when things are out of control.

2. Get in the trenches

This goes hand in hand with building trust. Show your team that you understand the work they do every day. Get involved and when they see you working hard alongside them, they will be more motivated and achieve better sales performance. Send them a hint. Make cold calls with them. Develop trading strategies together. Be a practical leader.

Spending time with your team also makes it easier to coach them , provide valuable feedback, and encourage them throughout the day. Just like with your customers, so put the same effort into building authentic relationships with your team members: As a leader, your salespeople are now your No. 1 customers.

3. Set goals and celebrate them when they’re achieved

If you work closely with your team every day, you can better help them set goals. These goals can be big; You have to push them out of their comfort zone. 

However, by working together, you can also ensure that sales targets are realistic. Once you set your goals, try to remember when certain milestones happened so you can celebrate them for a long time.

Achieving big goals is worth celebrating, but don’t forget the small victories, too. This is important for sales because not every day ends with a big close. It’s easy to get stuck. Make it a habit to celebrate events that lead to big wins for you. First date? Demo? Next step? Everything is worth celebrating.

4. Ask the right questions  how to motivate sales team

 Do you remember when you were a child and almost annoyed the adults around you with an unpleasant question?

That’s what it takes to motivate your sales team. Ask a question; what is not working? Why does it not work? How can you make this work? What or who can it work with? Where does this come into play? When?

The more questions you ask your sales team, the more you learn about the inner workings of your team.

Now is not the time to hide these questions, as we were taught growing up. I can’t express enough the benefits of open communication.

Asking the right questions is one way to increase the motivation of the sales team.

Motivate sales team to establish their work technique by asking “How?” questions. or “Why?” It gives the team time to pause and fully assess and process their past activities and what needs to be done next.

As a result, the decision-making process becomes human rather than automatic, and your team members are more satisfied.

5. Create a healthy competition how to motivate sales team

One of the business techniques that will increase the performance of your company’s employees is to create healthy competition. Because most of the time, an environment without competition is boring. So your sales team will see that everything works, whether they fail or win.

You need to create excitement by offering contests that reward top performers.

Hosting contests like this can keep your sales team active and productive every day. But In a same way it will help underperforming salespeople strive to become the best salespeople in the company.

6. Lead, don’t boss

You can do better by being part of the sales team and stepping back and calling the shots.

You can take the helm and lead your company to success. because If your sales team respects you, it will motivate them to work and support you in increasing sales.

However, when you work on sales team strategies that is to say you can clearly understand why some bad results occur. So this way you won’t get into an argument with your sales team and you’ll find better ways to provide constructive criticism.

7. Show Appreciation how to motivate sales team

You might think that appreciation is of high value. But it’s true. Many people find simple words like “thank you,” “keep up,” and “good job” to be great motivation.

The same goes for your sales team; but they don’t need a raise or more commissions to feel valued. Just acknowledge their small efforts with powerful words and see them do better. These small gestures motivate your sales team and help increase their productivity.

8. Stay positive how to motivate a sales team

That is to say, Everyone in sales faces negative situations every week,but if not every day, such as rejection, anger and confusion, etc. And It’s hard to overcome all the challenges and stay motivated every day.

This is where sales leaders need to step in as cheerleaders. Three keys

Acknowledge sales team concerns and failures, but avoid repeating them

Accept setbacks but use positive language and advice to maintain focus on personal goals and company values, and

Identify challenges and fears, but continue to take and raise risks.

9. Less meetings, more breaks 

Honestly, how many meetings do you need on your calendar? 

In the same way, Some sales teams are afraid to tell their colleagues about this because they think some meetings are a waste of time because It’s important to have structured meetings and consider reducing the number of meetings to encourage sales reps to commit their time to other valuable sales activities. Read on to learn how to run great sales team meetings, motivate your sales team, and achieve these goals.

In conclusion, how to motivate sales team

After all, no matter who you are, we all lack motivation from time to time. But this is especially common among sales teams. As a leader or manager in a same way you need to know how to motivate your team to complete sales calls, follow up with customers, and ultimately close deals. 

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