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Motivating a teenager with depression can be very challenging. If you are a teenager, you know the emotions of ups and downs at this stage of life, how to motivate a teenager with depression, and you think life is hard or unfair, and school is stressful. they are going through growing up, and maybe there is some stress and overall things are a roller roster of ups and downs. 

Depression adds to the different sets of trials that can affect the whole family. Because you are not the only and neither is your teenager. And if you think your unmotivated teenager may cause depression. This article is for you, we will discuss how to motivate a teenager with depression. What is teenage depression and its causes?

how to motivate a teenager with depression

What is depression?

Depression is a complicated mood disarrangement that disturbs millions of people around the world. And this is ongoing suffering that holds up for weeks, months, and even years. It involves how a person feels, and behaves, and can lead to suicidal thoughts. So if you suffer from depression, you can’t simply run away from it. Simple daily tasks can become extremely difficult, and things you once found joy and pleasure become mundane

Is my teenage depression? 

Before we talk about how to motivate teenagers with depression, we have to know what depression might look like. Depression is complex and can change your teenager, thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

Is it difficult for you to know if your teenager has depression?

Here are some familiar signs of depression, especially in teenagers:

  • persistent sadness
  • irritability
  • Angry outbursts or reckless behavior
  • tiredness
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities
  • sadness/blame
  • isolation
  • Changes in craving or weight
  • difficulty focussing
  • changes in sleep routines
  • Pill and drink abuse
  • self-harm or suicidal thoughts

It’s important to know that depression can manifest in different ways. This is often an invisible struggle, so your teenager may hide their feelings. And signs of depression can also be imbricated with “typical” teenage acts. So if your child has depression, it’s important to communicate frankly and honestly with them.

Teenagers’ difficulty from mental health problems can be painful for the entire family. So once you spot the danger signs, because you can take the next steps to heal.

How to motivate a teenager with depression

It’s important to note that each person is different, so what works for one person can not perform for someone other. So you know your child, trust your feelings. And start with love, without judgment. It may be a slow and painful journey, but you get the idea.

Here are 8 ways to motivate a depression teenager:

1. Set a realistic goal 

When a person is depressed, even simple tasks seem impossible. So you can help your child break down their day into simple, manageable steps.

2. Celebrate their achievement

Even if the accomplishment is just making your bed or finishing your homework that day. Do whatever you can to increase their self-esteem.

3. Use affirmations sentence

We all need a little affirmation and try telling your teenager things like when, “You are valuable, and even if you feel weak” or “You are capable and strong.”

4. Take away stigma

Let them know that depression and mental sickness are common. So remind them that nothing is broken or unusual.

5. Encourage social interaction

Depression can start with social existence, which unfortunately can make things worse. So it strengthens your teenager to stay connected with their friends. And try to planning a fun activity they used to enjoy, and maybe even ask them if they want to bring a friend along.

6. Boost healthy habits  and self-care

This can include eating balanced foods, exercising, taking baths, careful journaling, or meditation. So taking care of your body and mind can help reduce signs of depression.

7. Be patient

Avoid expressing frustration or annoyance at your teenager’s lack of change, as this may increase their feelings of hopelessness and guilt. But your support is vital to their recovery.

8. Get them professional help

Depression often requires professional intervention. So attempt to help them see someone they feel relaxed with, and you can even suggest going with them if they don’t want to go alone.

How to motivate a teenager with depression

When someone is deeply hurt inside and communicating with them can be difficult. Especially for teenagers and especially if you are their parent because you need to practice patience, kindness, and a willingness to adapt.

If you don’t understand someone and their mood, it can be difficult to motivate them. So make sure your teenager knows you are here for them. Start by having an open and nonjudgmental conversation. Because maybe you can open up about your struggles and see if they open up in return

Create a supportive and safe environment in your home. Your teenager will benefit from a space where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Depression is often looked after by guilt; your teenager may feel guilty about how they feel. Try not to make this feeling of guilt worse.

And avoid trying to solve every problem at once. Because sometimes you just want someone to listen and tell you they are here for you.

In conclusion, how to motivate a teenager with depression

Think of it, no one with depression chooses to be sad. but being a teenager can be the roughest time in a person’s life and going through them while sharing depression can be weakening.

Fit out an open, safe space for your teenager. And confirm them, inspire them, and listen without judgment. Don’t feel down.

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