Apps You Cannot Live Without

There are a lot of apps that you use every day, but the question is which apps you cannot live without. So there are many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Many apps indeed play a vital role in making our lives beautiful. 

It’s a time of social media; everyone uses it to grow their selves. Life is very dull without some apps because it makes every routine busy. If we use it positively, it will always help us to achieve success. So, are you ready to know which apps you cannot live without? If so, read this entire blog! 

Which 12 Apps you cannot live without?

Here, I will discuss some apps you cannot live without, their benefits, and why they are essential for everyone.

  • WhatsApp
  • Weather wonder 
  • Newsreader
  • Language friends
  • Map master
  • Exercise buddy
  • Time tracker
  • Photo fun
  • Music player
  • Note buddy
  • YouTube 
  • Book explorer


It is one of the most essential apps you cannot live without. It plays a significant work in everyone’s life. WhatsApp always helps us to transfer our messages from one place to another. The main advantage of it is it works all over the world. That means if you live in Pakistan and your friends live in the UK, you can easily talk to them via call or message. You can also give your pictures and videos with your loved ones with the help of this app. 

2. Weather Wonder:

Many people need clarification about the weather. But now you don’t need to worry about it. Be ready for any weather! You can easily download this application on your mobile and check it to know about the weather. For example, if you need sunglasses, an umbrella, a cap, etc., you can easily plan according to the weather. The main advantage is that this app benefits you if you are a travel or vlogger. You can quickly get information about the weather and prepare yourself according to the weather. 

3. News Reader:

I hope you are interested in politics or want to know the current situation in Pakistan; this app is essential for you. You can easily get knowledge of what is happening in the world with the help of this app. The key benefit of this app is it connects you worldwide. Now, you can quickly learn and know many essential, exciting things, update your knowledge, and increase your knowledge. 

4. Language Friend:

Are you fond of making new different friends? Such as various backgrounds, cultures, and cast; this is an excellent app. With the help of this app, you can easily talk to people from all over the world. It’s like the middleman that converts your messages according to your preference. Now, don’t wait; use this app to understand their language and speak, making your bonding strong with your friends. This app is especially for those who cannot understand other languages but want to talk to others. So, enjoy this app with your friends.

5. Map Master: 

Indeed, you are a lover of adventure! Map Master is the best help to find your way and discover incredible places. It always helps us to make sure you are always transparent. Many people are confused and feel tense when they go somewhere. With the help of this app, you can easily reach your exact location without any tension. For example, if you go to your relative’s home for the first time, you can easily find their home using this app. 

6. Exercise Buddy: 

Many people are health conscious in this world. Some want to be healthy, but some want to be slime. It depends on their preference. Using this help, you can easily count your steps, make a schedule and fitness goals, and follow exercise that makes you strong and active. That means this app is excellent for the diet-conscious. It’s true that if your health is good, you can quickly achieve success. So, stay healthy and have fun! 

7. Time Tracker: 

This app is mainly for business people or job holders—their everyday particulars. Now you will not miss anything important! This fantastic app always helps you to organize your day by keeping your events, occasions, and appointments. So, now you will never forget something in your life. It’s just like the reminder that reminds you about your special day. For example, if the 20th of December will be your friend’s birthday, you can set a reminder to remind you of wishing her. 

8. Photo Fun:

It is a fantastic and essential app for those who love to take photos. Take awesome photos! With the help of this app, you can easily capture your images and share your friends, relatives, and loved ones. This app shows how you look and how much fun you have to show your friends. Additionally, this app can come for primary and urgent needs; for example, if someone tells you to please give me a picture of your documents. You can easily take fantastic photos and share them with anyone. 

9. Music Player: 

It’s mainly for those who love to listen to music. This app helps you listen to music offline. Make a playlist and enjoy your favorite lyrics in every condition. For example, if you are traveling, you can make your trip more special with the help of this app. Many people feel sadness; they listen to songs. This app does not only help you listen to songs and motivates you to stay together when you feel alone. 

10. Note Buddy: 

If you get busy the whole day and your memory weakens, this app is best for you. You can write down anything that you don’t want to forget. For example, you can write your friend’s birthday, any product you wish to purchase, etc. So, this app has excellent benefits. Additionally, this app is also beneficial for your office work, like reminding you of any meeting or workshop that is very important for all. 


YouTube is one of the most significant social media apps. YouTube is the mother of social media. You can benefit from it, such as earning money by making vlogs, taking any online course, and learning what you want according to your interests. This app is handy and essential because we use it daily. It also helps us with any problem, so we watch videos and find the solution from them. 

12. Book Explorer: 

Many people love to read anything like books, articles, etc. Reading this app is very valuable for you. You can read anything anytime with the help of this help. This app lets you read magazines, articles, books, and anything according to your liking. That means it does not just help us to read but also increases our knowledge and learn about new things. Many people use this app when they feel bored, in travel, and preparation for papers or interviews. 

Closing part:

There are a lot of apps that are essential for you. It is true that without apps, our lives are so dull, and we can have difficulties with them. Some apps you cannot live without, such as WhatsApp, Weather Wonder, News Reader, Language Friends, Map Master, Exercise Buddy, Time Tracker, Photo Fun, Music Player, Note Buddy, YouTube, and Book Explorer. So, keep these essential apps on your mobile and get their benefits to grow yourself and connect with the world.

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FAQS about apps you cannot live without

Q1: What app is a must-have for communication?

A: WhatsApp is one of the best apps for communication that connects us with our foreign friends. 

Q2: Which app is essential for travel?

A: Music players and newsreaders are essential for travel because these two apps can easily pass the time. 

Q3: What app is the best app for learning new things?

A: YouTube and Book Explorer are the best apps for learning new things and getting too much knowledge. 

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